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Hearing Aids Doesn’t Have to Be Unsexy

Posted by Hearex Staff on

Hearing aids, for most people, aren't the sexiest of devices.

They used to be these big, clunky, ear plug things with wires that almost stick out from the side of your head. One of your grandparents must've had one, and this is the reason why a lot of us associate hearing aids with the elderly. They're just not that “cool” enough for the rest of the population.

And if their weird appearance is not enough, these devices actually don't work that well at all. They hiss, buzz, whistle, and generate all sorts of unwanted audio feedback.

What About Young People?

While hearing loss can be considered as an unavoidable part of the aging process for millions of Americans, the number of young(er) people who are experiencing hearing problems is steadily increasing. This can be attributed to the fact that a lot of Generation X (i.e. those born between the 1960s and 70s) and the generations that came after it were born in the heyday of excessive, loud noise. Rock music, portable music players, headphones, arena concerts -- these are just some of the noise sources that we have come to accept as normal. As a result, young adults and even children are now at higher risk for hearing loss than ever before.

How then can you convince the young'uns to use hearing aids? Having one weirdly stuck to your ear makes you something of a social pariah, since it is definitely not something you would describe as youthful, attractive, or even sexy.

Hearing = Communication = Confidence

Relationships -- whether romantic, familial, or friendly -- depend on clear, honest, and regular communication to keep them going.

This is why the effects of hearing loss go beyond the physical. The damage it does to one's capabilities in communication is very severe. Imagine not being able to hear the minute nuances and inflections in another person's voice, or missing out on the important parts of a speech or the punchline of a joke. People around you would have to speak up louder to accommodate your disability. All of these can add up and sap the confidence and self-esteem out of anyone. It can lead to annoyance, resentment, frustration, and even anger.

The struggle is real. Negative emotions due to hearing loss are also one of the primary reasons why those with hearing impairments might sometimes start to withdraw socially. Having even just a friendly chit-chat with a coworker can be so challenging if you don't hear what the other person is saying. This could result into overbearing self-consciousness, social anxiety and withdrawal; it might result into you avoiding social events and losing out on opportunities to meet new people.

New Technology, New Life

Thankfully, technology and innovation has given us new hearing aids that are so unlike the clunky devices of old. They're more comfortable, sleeker and discrete- you can wear them all day without anybody noticing. They are designed with features that accommodate your way of life. For example, you have hearing aids with adaptive sound processing that can successfully reduce noise and audio feedback while still keeping people's voices clear. There are also hearing aids that are able to connect wirelessly with other electronic devices like smartphones, music players, and televisions. Some can be even used to program coffee makers and operate home security systems remotely!

Their sizes have also remarkably changed over the years. While old-school hearing aids are very large and conspicuous, there are hearing aids today that are so small that they are almost invisible. If you don't mind having your hearing aid visible, you can opt to have yours customized to whatever color or style that you want. You can wear them anywhere- whether it be at the office, school, or gym.

Hearings Aids for A Sexier Life

Hearing aids can be hip and sexy. If you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss, it doesn't mean that they should also have to suffer from the awkwardness that old-school hearing aids used to bring. The modern ones that are available today can perfectly accommodate your lifestyle and style. A hearing aid that is perfectly suited or customized to your own preferences can give you a huge confidence boost. It can help you make new relationships or help you nurture the ones you already have.