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Sales Policy

This Sales Policy sets forth the specifics in the transaction between (hereto referred as "HEAREX") and CUSTOMER (hereto referred as "Customer"). 

On Warranties:

Though the three-year manufacturers' warranty is common (warranty period starts upon the shipment of the item to the Customer), most warranties are dependent on the model of the hearing aid and the individual model as indicated by HEAREX, upon close examination of the hearing aid(s) in question, ascertain that the malfunctioning of the hearing aid is due to failures in workmanship or shoddy materials, the hearing aid will be fixed or replaced with no charge to the Customer. All warranties must go through HEAREX in order to be valid. Taking the hearing aids to an outside dealer for repair could void warranty.

On Return Policy:

A money-back guarantee that is valid for sixty (60) days upon purchase is available for all products sold by the HEAREX. For the return or exchange to be validated and approved, the Customer should return the product along with all of the items included in the original purchase, which includes (but is not limited to): batteries, domes, packaging materials, boxes, filters, receivers, and any items that may not be initially listed on the invoice. 

The customer also has a sixty (60) day window with which they can return the product(s) that they bought from HEAREX for a full refund. Shipping costs and all other expenses and fees that are associated with the return of the product(s) will be deducted from the total refund price. Should any of the returned items not meet the prescribed standards for refunds or if the items were returned past the sixty-day trial period, HEAREX can refuse the refund request. To be valid for refunds, all hearing aids, including all items provided (batteries, domes, filters, etc), must be undamaged and should be returned in their original packaging within sixty (60) calendar days starting from the date of shipment. 

On Promotional Items Acquired During Purchase:

HEAREX has the sole right to start and end promotions, as it sees fit.  Additionally, returns on promotional items may be prohibited. 

If making a product return or exchange, promotional items acquired during the original purchase should also be returned along with the product. "Promotional items" is defined here as items that are outside of the listed items and were acquired during promotions set by the HEAREX. 

Products to be returned must be shipped to the following address (thru FedEx or UPS, certified mail, or any other shipping method preferred by the customer). The following tracking information should be appended or written on the shipping box:
ATTN: Product Returns
5 Lyons Mall Suite 113
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

On Loss Prevention Measures:

As a loss prevention measure, HEAREX will investigate refund requests and inspect every product that will be returned. HEAREX reserves the right to cancel and/or refuse refund/return/exchange requests at its own discretion. For hearing aids that are worth $500 or more that were utilized by health practitioners, doctors, clinics, ENT centers, audiologists, hearing specialists, or any other individual or establishment that is commercial in nature and that used the product for purposes other than personal use, HEAREX will impose a $175 restocking fee per unit. 

HEAREX gives no authorization to any establishment or individual to use its products in research, resale, or commercial purposes. All products are strictly for personal use only. 

On Reselling Our Hearing Aids: 

All of HEAREX’s hearing aids and related products are strictly not for resale. The customer is prohibited from transferring or reselling the hearing aids purchased from HEAREX and its website to other individuals or establishments. Resale will make the product invalid for returns or refunds. 

Disclaimer: Hereafter, the Customer is advised that all representatives, sales agents, employees of HEAREX (or any other affiliate who deals with the dispensing, fitting, and sales of the HEAREX's products), are not medical professionals. Their words should not be treated as valid and expert medical advice. They are also not allowed and have no authority to examine, diagnose, and write prescriptions for the Customer. Hearing loss is permanent. Hearing aids might make a person with hearing loss’ life easier, but they will not be able to restore a person's hearing loss, nor will it prevent a person's hearing from degrading further. 

For medical advice and professional medical opinion, it's best to consult and ENT doctor or audiologist.