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Phonak Audéo B90-R Pair w/ Charger Case

Phonak Audéo B90-R Pair w/ Charger Case



With the Phonak Audéo B90-R, you no longer have to change batteries weekly again! The B90-R hearing aids are RIC (receiver in the canal) and come with rechargeable batteries inside, which provides up to 24 hours of hearing with each charge. The B90-R not only brings the most advanced technology from Phonak, it sets the standard in hearing aids that will simply be hard to beat.

These hearing aids sense your surroundings and adjust automatically to best optimize your hearing in any situation. Many have claimed to do this before, but the Phonak B90-R delivers. No more messing with remotes. No more going to pharmacy to purchase more batteries. No more hassles.

The B90-R also excels with music listening.

Included with Purchase: Two (2) Phonak Audéo B90-R Hearing Aids, Phonak Charger Case, Initial Programming, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty, 1-Year Supply of Domes and Filters, Free 2-Day Shipping in USA

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