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Phonak Bolero V Pair

Phonak Bolero V Pair



The Bolero Venture line offers the same premium hearing experience that the Audéo offers, but this time in a BTE format. The design of the Bolero V is for the moderate to severe hearing loss, it provides a detailed listening capability in virtually all scenarios.

Bolero Venture supports a comprehensive range of compatibility from moderate to severe hearing loss. Each model contains varying degrees of Tinnitus management as well as the industry standard in music clarity.

Bolero Venture is available in 3 housing types: Medium (M), Power (P), Super Power (SP).

Included with Purchase: Two (2) Phonak Bolero V Hearing Aids, Initial Programming, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty, 1-Year Supply of Batteries, Domes and Filters, Free 2-Day Shipping in USA

Signature Features: UltraZoom, EchoBlock, StereoZoom, ZoomControl, SoundRelax, WindBlock, DuoPhone, FlexControl, Flex Volume, Real Ear Sound, SoundRecover, Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator, WaterResistant, WhistleBlock, NoiseBlock, QuickSynch, User Preference Tuning, Auto Acclimation, AOV, Fine Tuning Channels

Automatic Features: Comfort in Echo, Speech in Car, Speech in Noise, Music, Comfort in Noise, Speech in Noise, Calm Situations

Manual Programs: Speech in Wind, Speech 360, Speech in Loud Noise, Acoustic Phone