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Widex Dream Fusion D4-FS Pair

Widex Dream Fusion D4-FS Pair



For the budget minded, The Widex Dream 110 Fusion Hearing Aid makes available some of the same high end technology as the more expensive models at an affordable price. The 110 is a no-nonsense hearing aid that gets to the point without all the bells and whistles that drive prices up in other models. Available in several colors, the 110 is sure to look as good as it sounds.

Included with Purchase: Two (2) Widex Dream Fusion 110 D4-FS Hearing Aids, Initial Programming, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty, 1-Year Supply of Batteries, Domes and Filters, Free 2-Day Shipping in USA

Standard Features: 3 channels, 2 Programs, TrueISP, HD Locator, Feedback Canceling, Personal Audibility Extender, Personal Acclimatization, Zen, SmartSpeak, Volume Control, Program Shift